Hazelnut oil is obtained by first cold pressing the fruit of the botanical species Corylus avellana L. belonging to the Betatulaceae family.

It is a tree that normally reaches between 3 and 8 m in height, although at times it can reach 15 m with a very extended crown of irregular shape, generally branched from the base. With pale brown or gray bark and deeply striated, its wood is hard, flexible and very resistant. The rounded leaves are between 6 and 12 cm long and wide and are smoothly pubescent on both sides, with doubly serrated edges.

The flowers are born before the leaves, in early spring. They are monoecious and with catkins of differentiated sex; the male ones pale yellow in color and between 5 and 12 cm long, the female ones very small and practically hidden in the buds from which the bright red styles emerge, in number from 1 to 3.

The fruit is the hazelnut, which is produced in groups of 1 to 5, each one contained in a small and leafy involucre that encloses about 3/4 of the nut. The maturation takes 7 to 8 months and then the envelope opens releasing the hazelnut.


The benefits of hazulnut oil are as folowing:

  • Healthy Heart: Hazelnuts are loaded with minerals and vitamins that help promote heart health. In addition to being a great source of dietary fiber, it has a healthy amount of monounsaturated fatty acids that help lower LDL cholesterol and promote HDL cholesterol.
  • Management of diabetes: The diabetic plant must include monounsaturated fats. Hazelnuts contain a good source of these fats, ensuring you get the benefits of good fats without worrying about gaining weight.
  • Antioxidant source: Hazelnuts offer several minerals and vitamins that act as powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals in the body and prevent various diseases and illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.
  • Brain Health: Hazelnuts are loaded with elements that improve cognitive and brain function and also prevent degenerative diseases.
  • Cancer prevention: Hazelnuts have antioxidants which are cancer fighting foods. Vitamin E is a supplement to prevent cancer.
  • Treatment for obesity: Hazelnut acts as a great stimulant for a healthy metabolism in the body. People who eat a large amount of tree nuts stimulate the metabolism that promotes weight loss fighting obesity.
  • Hair and Skin Health: Hazelnuts offer a large amount of vitamin E that helps maintain healthy hair and skin by improving elasticity and moisture.
  • Bone health: Magnesium with calcium is vital for the well-being of the joints and bones. The bones store additional magnesium that comes to rescue when there is an immediate deficiency of this mineral. Hazelnuts have manganese, which is essential for the strength and growth of bones.
  • Improves nervous health: Vitamin B6 is essential for the functioning of amino acids. It plays a regulatory role in maintaining the health of the nervous system.
  • Control the level of blood pressure: Hazelnuts are useful for patients with hypertension. It is a great source of healthy fats.

Organoleptic properties

Hazelnut oil with a transparent liquid appearance, which has a yellow color and a characteristic odor.






Transparent liquid


The components os hazelnut oil are fatty acids, omega 9 and omega 6 (high in oleic acid), vitamin E.

Fatty acids

Omega 9

Omega 6

Vitamin E

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