Lemon essential oil is an evergreen fruit tree up to 4 m. tall, which produces a fruit of an intense yellow color in whose epicarp it has glands that contain the essential oil, the use of which could be considered a by-product of the treatment of the fruit. This species of Asian origin was introduced to Spain and Italy in the 12th century by the Arabs and brought to America on Columbus’s second voyage, with Argentina, the USA, Spain, Italy, and Israel currently being the main producers.

It is obtained by cold pressing of fresh fruit, with or without prior separation of the pulp and skin of Citrus limon L., of the Rutaceae family.

Lemon essential oil distillation occurs throughout the year.


Thanks to its antiseptic action, this oil is good for treating some conditions related to the respiratory system. Also, it helps to heal many infected wounds.

Another of the widespread uses of lemon oil is that it is a good remedy for halitosis and also serves to naturally whiten teeth.

This oil is often seen in many cosmetics and creams because it acts as a cleanser. It is hydrating and invigorating, so it serves as an important anti-wrinkle.

At the same time, in the massages it serves as an element to relax and obtain well-being.

It helps clean us and can be applied directly, after bathing, on armpits or hands and can replace many chemical agents to help us smell good throughout the day.

This lemon essential oil is also used as a natural cleaner and disinfectant to remove dirt from many corners of the house.


Organoleptic properties

Lemon essential oil is a mobile transparent liquid that can become cloudy due to a decrease in temperature, with a color ranging from pale yellow to dark green, with a characteristic odor of fresh lemon pericarp.


Characteristic smell of fresh lemon pericarp


From yellow to dark green


Mobile transparent liquid


Main component of lemon essential oil is the lemon tree. Besides, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, sabinene, gamma-terpinene, geranial also stands out in their composition.

Lemon tree






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