Lavandín Grosso essential oil


Lavandín grosso essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops of the Lavándula hybrida (Lavándula angustifolia X Lavándula Latifolia), of the Labiaceae family.

It is a hybrid and therefore does not generate seed for its reproduction, which must be carried out through the system of stakes or seedlings.

It was developed in France, it is demanded by consumers for being its finer and less camphoric smell than the rest, due to its higher content in Linalyl Acetate and lower in Camphor.

Lavandin grosso essential oil distillation occurs in August.


Lavandin grosso essential oil is a very particular plant since it is a natural hybrid that arises from the union of two herbs such as lavender and lavender.

The medicinal properties are similar to that of lavender, among which are: respiratory tract conditions, bronchitis, digestive disorders, diarrhea, migraines, prevents vertigo and dizziness, skin problems such as eczema, burns, sores and wounds.

In addition, it is effective for people with nervous problems and symptoms of stress, it is a very good relaxant so it has proven properties as sedative, analgesic and healing. It helps as an insecticide and to fall asleep.

It can be used orally or externally. There are different presentations that allow you to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of this plant as an infusion, decoction, tincture, ointment. You can even perform steam baths and massages with lavandin to obtain not only curative but also aesthetic results.

Organoleptic properties

Lavandin grosso essential oil is a mobile liquid, light yellow in color, with a characteristic odor, similar to lavender, with a touch of camphor.


Characteristic odor, similar to lavender, with a touch of camphor


Light yellow


Mobile liquid


Main components of lavandin grosso essential oil are linalool and linalyl acetate. In addition, limonene, eucalyptol, cis-beta-ocimene, trans-beta-ocimene, camphor, terpinen-4-ol, lavandulyl acetate, lavandulol, alpha-terpineol and borneol also stand out in their composition.


Linalyl acetate







Lavandulyl acetate




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