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Labdassence organic essential oils: we have over 30 organic essential oils that can be used in natural cosmetic-making and aromatherapy. In our portfolio you can find organic lavender essential oil, organic lemon essential oil, organic thyme red essential oil, organic spanish sage essential oil, etc

What makes essential oils organic?

At Labdassence, we sell both organic essential oilss and non-organic essential oils.

Organic essential oils are produced in line with overarching organic practices like farming with fewer pesticides, havig no artificial colours or preservatives and being free of genetically modified (GM) ingredients. For a supplier to seel organic products, they must follow Europeam organic standars to get certified organic status. European law reviews factors like soil fertility and the responsible use of energy and natural resources, as well as maintenance of water quality as the basis of its decision-making.

Getting certified organic is not easy to archieve. Needless to say, we only work with genuine organic suppliers to fulfil our organic product range. Our organic essential oil supplies are made in this way, using a plant or herb farmed to thus superir standard.

Organic essential oils vs. non-organic essential oils

Oraganic essential  oils differ from non-organic (convntional) essential oils in that the end to end manufacturing process of an organic oil contains zero pesticides, synthetic additives and other potentially harmful agents, making them slightly safer while giving them greater appeal and the potential to have a higher therapeutic value. For example, when using organic oils during aromatherapy, you may notice a slightly diferrent aroma when  using organic oils as well as a slightly higher concentration of active ingredients. With these added benefits comes a higher price point but we always keep our pricing fair and in line with our philosophy, to empower individuals to create accessible, effective, clean cosmetics at home.


Organic or not, essential oils are a great addition to your natural ingredient colletion. Inhaling the aromas of essential oils is thought to stimulate different areas of your brain’s limbic system. For this reason, different scents are known for their apparent ability to help reduce stress, aid sleep and treat common ailments like nausea and headaches. Many people claim that essential oils can aid both mental and physical wellbeing something we’re all conscious of improving.


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