Hyssop cineole essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of the botanical species Hyssopus officinalis belonging to the Labiatae family.

It is a herbaceous plant native to southern Europe, the Middle East, and the shores of the Caspian Sea. It is used as an aromatic herb and as a medicinal one for its antitussive, expectorant and antiseptic properties.

The hyssop is a lively shrub or subshrub, about 30 to 60 cm tall. The stem lignifies at the base, from which numerous very straight branches sprout, hairy at the distal end. The leaves are opposite, entire, linear to lanceolate, sessile or barely petiolate, glandular, sometimes pubescent on both sides, dark green in color and about 2 to 2.5 cm long.

In summer it produces inflorescences in the form of dense terminal spikes of very fragrant blue flowers; they give rise to a fruit in the form of oblong achene.

It is a rustic species that resists droughts well and tolerates clay-sandy soils, as well as loamy and calcareous soils, as long as it has good drainage. It requires a lot of sun and warm weather.

It can reproduce by seed between mid-autumn and early spring, planting first in seedlings and then transplanting at a distance of about 70 x 60 cm between plants, by simple division of existing bushes, or by stakes; For the latter, branches already lignified and with several buds are separated shortly before flowering, planting them in well-fertilized and humid beds until they produce roots. Once developed, the outer buds can be transplanted to their final location.

Hyssopus officinalis is produced in the months of September and October.


The benefits of cineole hyssop essential oil are as follows:

  • Powerful antiviral.
  • Anticatarrhal, mucolytic and expectorant.
  • Tonic and sympathicotonic, action on the central nervous system and the plexuses.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • It is diuretic, it facilitates the elimination of liquids. To aid in kidney stones.
  • This oil is considered as a cleanser of all evil, it has been used in sacred temples for this purpose. It can also be used for cleaning surfaces, as it is very fragrant.

Organoleptic properties

Hyssop cineole essentil oil is liquid appearance that has a color that ranges from colorless to pale yellow and is characteristic for having a sweet, herbaceous, fresh and cineolic aroma.


Sweet, herbaceous, fresh and cineolic aroma.


 From colorless to pale yellow




Main component of hyssop cineole essential oil is eucalyptol. Also noteworthy in its composition are beta-pinene, other components are alpha-pinene, sabinene, myrcene and limonene, cis-beta-ocimene, trans-beta-ocimene, alpha-terpineol and germacrene D.










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