The essential oils on our list can be found in Spain and north of Africa.

1. Sage from Granada.

2. Lavandin grosso from Guadalajara.

3. Lavandin super from Guadalajara and Albacete.

4. Lavandin abrialis from Burgos.

5. Cypress from Murcia.

6. Rosemary cineol from Morocco.

7. Rosemary camphor from Murcia.

8. Lavender from Guadalajara.

9. Lemon from Murcia.

10. Hyssop isopinocamphone from Navarra.

11. Hyssop cineol from Navarra.

12. Fennel from Huelva.

13. Marjoram from Albacete.

14. Spike lavender from Ciudad Real.

15. Cistus from Sevilla and Huelva.

16. Orange from Murcia.

17. Origanum vulgaris from Huelva.

18. Origanum from Cádiz and Sevilla.

19. Thyme linalol from Granada.

20. Red and White thyme from Murcia.

21. Aniseed from Málaga.