Quality system

Analysis and verification of Quality

natural ecological oils

natural ecological oils

natural ecological oils

Labdassence has a Quality Control Department which analyses and verifies each batch of essential and vegetable oils in its portfolio. Controls are conducted on the conventional and ecological oils, which are 100% pure and natural.

The control starts with the crop itself. Our company follows the World Health Organization Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for Medicinal Plants. We carry out year-round on-site monitoring of both the cultivated plants and crops in general as well as the wild plants.

Before bottling the products for customer delivery, we filter and clean them. This is an essential step for removing any impurities typical of the countryside.

Essential oils

Most aromatic plants have their own cultivation and harvest period. The harvest period tends to be the month in which the plant reaches full maturity and, therefore, its properties are usually at their best. There are other plants which are cultivated and harvested throughout the year. In this case, the aromatic plants are harvested when they have an appropriate size and optimal conditions for distillation.

The harvested aromatic plants are placed in stainless steel boilers located in the countryside and are subsequently steam distilled. In this way, we obtain the plant’s essential oil together with the distilled water. The two phases are immiscible since the essential oil remains on the top phase and the water on the bottom phase. Both phases are separated and the essential oil is stored in approved drums.

Our facilities in Gelves receive the various batches of essential oils from the countryside. We then collect representative samples of each batch received and take them to the Quality Control Department so that physical and chemical analyses are conducted. In this way, we verify whether the typical standards of each essential oil are met. Our requirements are established in line with the ISO/UNE and European Pharmacopoeia quality standards.

Before bottling the products for customer delivery, we filter and clean the essential oils. This is a fundamental step for removing any impurities from the countryside.

Vegetable oils

They are obtained from the first cold pressing of the fruits or oilseeds. They are all high quality ecological oils which have been tested and analysed to verify that they meet the quality parameters for using them both in food and cosmetics.

Ecological oils

They are backed by European Union and United States ecofriendly brands. Ecocert, the most prestigious certification body for ecological oils, is in charge of certifying all our company’s products.


In our eagerness to improve, we have been evaluated and certified: our Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and our Environmental Management System with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.




Our company is also registered at the General Health Registry for Food Businesses and Foodstuffs (RGSEAA), Registry for Agri-Food Industries (RIA) and Registry for Animal Feed Establishments (REAA).



Labdassence is a member of the IFEAT (International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades), whose principal aim is to advance and protect the members’ interests.